In this developed and still emerging era of digital marketing, an important and integral tool is the email marketing. We always see a lot of mails by logging in our email accounts which contains advertisements and other promotional events. This is nothing but email marketing. It is the way to promote the business and advertize through electronic mail. It is a type of direct digital marketing. To promote the business through electronic mail has its own positive and negative points. Let us discuss about email marketing and also know about its advantages as well as drawbacks.

First of all, it is important to know that what email marketing campaign actually is. In this internet age, email has become an important and powerful way to communicate with each other. Its popularity has decreased due to chatting facilities and social networking websites though. Still email is the most convenient and trusted way to communicate officially even today. When the concept of digital marketing came, the specialists started searching each and every mean by which they can promote their business and let the general mass know about their brand. In this process, they also choose email as a way as it is an important part of the internet revolution as well as the reason to use internet for a lot of people. By email marketing campaign, they use to send promotional mails, information of the products and other advertisements directly into the inbox of a user so that he can know about it by clicking on the mail. It is not only useful to advertize, but is also used to build customer relation strong. They can take feedback and get in touch with the customers via email which is also an important feature of email marketing.

Depending upon the types of emails used, email marketing campaign can be categorized in two types. First type includes the promotional or advertizing mails which contains the offers and information by which a user buys something. The second type includes the mails exchanged after the purchase. They may contain greetings, thanksgivings, feedbacks etc. They are used to get in touch with the consumer constantly as well as build and maintain relationships.

There are two ways by which email marketing is pursued. First is that if the company does this job by itself which is generally known as direct mail advertizing. Second is that they handover this job to some website marketing company and it does the job on behalf of them.

There are always two sides of everything and email marketing campaign is also not an exception. In one hand, if handled properly, it can help a lot to meet the desired goals. But in other hand, if not properly being monitored, it can also produce unwanted results. One of the major problems in email marketing is spamming. So one should be always aware of it and avoid it. To avoid it, a website marketing company should not send such mails to anyone without permission. is a SEO Company which provides all the services of digital marketing including email marketing too.